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Patola sarees are from Gujarat. If there is ever an art of spinning, weaving, dyeing and finally draping in 100% pure silk that has an envious history and track record - it is none other than Patola Silk Sarees. The small town of Patan that is situated 127 Kms North of Ahmedabad inherits the rich cultural heritage of Gujarat and is world renowned due to its Patola sarees that is a sacred silk cloth tie and dyed in double ikat which took to different forms over time. Since its creation and advent more than 700 years back, Patan Patolas today take form in the shape of handmade saris draped by women on important religious occasions and wedding ceremonies. The most important process involved is making of Patola silk sarees is that of tie and dye using natural dyes like catechu, cochineal, indigo, turmeric, Natural Lakh, Harde, madder roots, manjistha, ratnajyot, katha, kesudo, pomegranate skin, henna, marigold flower, etc to display vibrant colours in the silk sari or fabric. Alum, copper sulphate, ferrous sulphate, tin chloride, potassium dichromate and other mordents are also used in the tedious dyeing process. A unique feature that distinguishes hand dyed Patola sarees from other textiles is that the saree even after heavy wear and tear will never fade in colour or design! This is because of the use of resist dyeing process of tie and dye on both the warp and weft silk fibres as a result, even if the entire process is backbreaking, Patola sarees are ultimately extremely pleasing on the eyes and makes a prized possession for the owner.
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