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this laptop battery is connecting but not gets increase the charging level. we were replaced to charge another battery,its activity is good. http://clublaptopservice.com/
Chennai, Tamil Nadu  Repair
1500.00 ₹ 2 months ago
customer has complained ,when he is connect charger ,not lighting ,not to know what happened .but other thing is ,he bought the adapter presently.we were diagnosed it was power cable problem.now it is working fine. http://clublaptopservice.com/
Chennai, Tamil Nadu  Repair
100.00 ₹ 2 months ago
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Ahmedabad, Gujarat  Repair
500.00 ₹ 2 months ago
iPhone has become ubiquitous among Bangaloreans who have taste for great quality, and a passion for living big. We want to serve you to the best of our abilities. Great quality work, coupled with great customer service that a premier customer deserve...
Bangalore, Karnataka  Repair
Check with seller 2 months ago
when i turn on this laptop ,getting long beeb sound .after taped on kepadd ,getting inside,we are realised .it was familiar problem keypad issues.
Chennai, Tamil Nadu  Repair
600.00 ₹ 2 months ago

this laptop was working but couldn,t see the visual point is macbook laptop is not creating problem with cable and screen,after diagnosed,the display unit is in problem,that ic name is tmt after replacing ,it is working fine.
Chennai, Tamil Nadu  Repair
4000.00 ₹ 2 months ago
reason is virus and few keys are not working after replaced win10, it is working fine.but there is problem with initiate, operate key and then you work with out touchpad trouble. http://clublaptopservice.com/
Chennai, Tamil Nadu  Repair
500.00 ₹ 3 months ago
this laptop some keys are not working properly,when i diagnosed,need to replace complete keypad .after replacing is working fine. http://lenovoservice.in/
Chennai, Tamil Nadu  Repair
Free 3 months ago
customer complained ,when use, it is getting slow and kepad is not working properly,it was very old laptop ,what said to customer,maam not to spend much money, throw it away and buy new one .
Chennai, Tamil Nadu  Repair
Free 3 months ago
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Bathinda, Punjab  Repair
450.00 ₹ 3 months ago
thinkpad series laptop list; thinklight thinkpad w series thinkpad e series thinkpad helix thinkpad l series thinkpad twist thinkpad x series thinkpad cabon thinkpad oga http://lenovoservice.in/
Chennai, Tamil Nadu  Repair
300.00 ₹ 3 months ago