Vehicle Registration Number Plate for Cars

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A retro-reflective film with laminated back plate (white/yellow) is reflective in nature (if the speed camera snaps it, the number plate will be glaringly evident) bearing a verification inscription “India” at a 45-degree inclination Carbon Transfer by heat, numbers and letters that contains the Identification of the vehicle (registration number) with a font size of 2.5 mm. are Hydraulic press machine embossed on the plate for better visibility the letters “IND” are printed in a light shade of blue in Arial Bold font on the observer’s left side under the hot-stamped Ind chromium based hologram Concealed, any attempt to break it or reuse it is not possible, thus preventing any duplication, Different dimensions of the plates for different categories of vehicles available for all Models and make of Cars . These number plates also give a standard uniform look. It was really annoying to see vehicles with number plates that focus more on style than legibility. A lot of people also used Devanagari digits and letters, which made it worse for people who don’t know those digits.
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