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Rapid eLearning – Benefits and Challenges

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Posted 8 months ago

3500.00 ₹
Rapid eLearning – Benefits and Challenges

Hobby Classes
Posted 8 months ago


A rapid eLearning development or rapid eLearning is the ability to generate eLearning courses quickly, with much-condensed development cycles, leveraging the power of authoring tools, without compromising on course quality and having to use complicated software and techniques. In short, rapid eLearning is a perfect way to keep up with training your staff quickly on the launch of a new product, update with system changes, onboarding, compliance and scalability training, policy changes, or any other thing that needs to be done quickly.

Rapid eLearning is a faster way of generating online-based learning content. For instance, if the course can be completed quickly in a shorter duration compared to the time taken for a regular course, it is called a rapid eLearning course. After the entire package is developed by the provider, it is delivered to learners via LMS or emails. The courses are updated periodically from the provider’s side without much cost and time, and without using complicated software or design processes. This can enable learners to absorb information while they are on the go or looking for some specified information. The key to the success of a short period of rapid eLearning is ‘learner engagement’ which will raise the likelihood of knowledge retention and ensure one gets the most out of the experience.

In its simplest form, rapid learning can be constructed from PowerPoint slides or narrated videos, which can be later adapted into a SCORM Framework to be used in our Learning Management Systems (LMS) for dispensing information quickly. SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model), is an authoring tool, which takes units of online training materials in aggregation, processes them, and then shares them across systems such as LMS.

In today’s competitive market, companies are more inclined towards rapid eLearning, owing to their faster delivery model and lower development cost. If you have been training in remote areas, you will be aware that rapid eLearning is the order of the day. Technology-enabled learning has given rise to a culture of learning that is more intuitive and challenging. Though investing in rapid learning seems to look like a step in the right direction, various other options need to be explored before taking a final decision.

Rapid eLearning is sometimes interchangeably used with micro-learning where a topic is broken into ‘Bit Size’ chunks or smaller units which can be digested easily by the learner. In other words, they are delivered in smaller capsules that can be consumed easily by the learners. Therefore, the provider should understand the needs of the learners before deciding on the delivery model, by providing an engaging design and effective content management. Courses constructed this way can be concise, high-quality content with the ability to generate robust learning experiences that can be rolled out quickly in a few weeks’ time.

Benefits of rapid eLearning:
1. Quick turnaround times
2. Enable greater control of course update and maintenance ie can be updated quickly and easily maintainable..
3. Deliver value for money in training
4. Deliver customized and cost effective solutions.
5. Effectively utilize Authoring tools with in-built asset libraries and templates.
6. Can be accessed anytime, anywhere
7. it promotes active, independent and quick learning.
8. Career Advancement
9. Designed to be Learner centric, accessible and innovative
10 Engaging and Effective ie., Personalization, Gamification etc
11. Provide digestible ‘bit sized’ modules to reduce cognitive overload.
12. Provides cloud based solutions.
13. Knowledge Retention

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    Rapid eLearning – Benefits and Challenges
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    Rapid eLearning – Benefits and Challenges
    3500.00 ₹ Rapid eLearning – Benefits and Challenges by EduJournal